Der blaue Vogel

von Maurice Maeterlinck

Deutsch von Stefan Gross

In Maeterlinck’s famous symbolist play »The Blue Bird« we meet the siblings Tyltyl and Mytyl who, accompanied by a fairy, are searching for the blue bird, which is known to bring happiness and prosperity. Their magical journey leads them to the lands of the night, of memories and of happiness.


Venue Kammer
Age For everyone from 12
Introduction 19:30 – Kammerfoyer

Cast on 11/15/24, 08:00 pm

Regie, Bühne Helga Lázár
Kostüme Justyna Koeke
Musik Petra Szászi
Licht Eduard Joebges
Dramaturgie Sara Gabor
Jedes Mal,
wenn ihr an
uns denkt,
wachen wir
auf und
sehen euch.