Vitalia Gordeeva

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The stage and costume designer Vitalia Gordeev, born in 1993, studied architecture in Bochum. After graduation she worked as an architect in Bochum, Essen and Lucerne, among other places. At the same time she developed city installations, festival stages, as well as design concepts for museum spaces in working collectives. The focus of her work is always sustainability as well as an interdisciplinary and conceptual approach. Currently she works, among other things, as a freelance costume and set designer, most recently at the Theater Bremen and the Gostner Hoftheater in Nuremberg (directed by Antigone Akgün). The production »Leer/Stand - Der Brotladen oder: wem gehört der Stadtraum?« (directed by Antigone Akgün), for which she designed the set in collaboration with Andrea Künemund, was invited to the Brecht Festival in Augsburg in 2023.

Participates in

Garten der Lüste – von Fiston Mwanza Mujila

Where do you feel at home?
With warm people
What future do you dream of?
A just future, without any isms
What profession would have in a parallel universe?
Goldsmith? Gardener? Cook? Definitely something with hands!