Torsten Borm

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Torsten Borm © Matthias Baus
© Matthias Baus

Torsten Borm studied at the Hans Otto Theatre Academy in Leipzig. From 1990 to 2000 he was engaged at the Schauspielhaus Chemnitz and then moved to the Neue Bühne Senftenberg. Before he came to Theater Aachen with the 08.09 season, he worked in the summer theatre of the Neues Schauspiel Erfurt, among others.

Participates in

Die Burg der Assassinen – von Amir Gudarzi

Hamlet – Tragödie von William Shakespeare


Hamlet: Torsten Borm, Furkan Yaprak © Annemone Taake
Hamlet: Torsten Borm, Furkan Yaprak © Annemone Taake
Where do you feel at home?
There is a longing for that place where you are at home, where you can come back, where you can arrive, where you are just yourself and are accepted that way.

What is your favourite place in Aachen?
The Aachen forest in autumn. That's where I look for my little friends, take them with me and roast them. I feel at home anywhere in the forest.
Who would you like to have dinner with?
With Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch. I admire his broad interest, his knowledge, his expertise.