Máté Hunyadi

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I was born in 1991 in Budapest, grew up in several places around the country with my mother and sister. Since I was a child, I was interested in all kinds of instruments, making music by my own and with friends. After high school I went to the musical actor class at SZFE (2014-2019). We have been working together with Jakab since the first class. From 2019, Levente joined the group and we more and more started to be involved in making theatre soundtracks, soundscapes, seeking the connection between sounds and action on stage - experimenting with live sounds and electronic music.

Participates in

Das Gastmahl – von Jakab Tarnóczi, Sara Gabor und Ensemble

What profession would you have in a parallel universe?
In a parallel universe, I would be a Woodward.
Why do you make theatre?
What future do you dream of?
Higher level of connection between humanity and nature