Mirjam Schaal

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The set and costume designer Mirjam Schaal was born in Stuttgart in 1992 and lives in Berlin. She studied stage design as well as stage space at the Berlin University of the Arts with Hartmut Meyer and Janina Audick. During her studies, she founded the theater collective onlygameintown together with Louise Pons, for which they received a grant from the Forecast Platform in 2020 and staged several video performances with Markus Öhrn in Sweden in 2021. They also have a long-standing collaboration with director Theresa Thomasberger. Mirjam Schaal developed stage and costume designs, among others for the the world premiere of Svenja Viola Bungarten's text »Maria Magda« at Theater Münster, which won the Heidelberg Stückemarkt's Author's Prize, Kathy Acker's »Pussy King of the Pirates« at the Berliner Arbeiter*innen Theater, and Rebekka Kricheldorf's »Die Guten« at Theater Heidelberg. This season she is responsible for the design of the world premiere of Mannheim for the world premiere of Svenja Viola Buntgarten's text »Die Zukünftige« as well as further stage and costume designs for the Deutsches Theater Berlin, the Schauspielhaus Wien and the Theater Aachen.

Where do you feel at home?
Where you can sleep well
What profession would you have in a parallel universe?
Marine biologist/gardener
Who would you like to have dinner with?
Virginie Despentes