Jakab Tarnóczi

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Jakab Tarnóczi © Áron Süveg
© Áron Süveg

I was born and raised in a small, former coal-mining town in Northern-Hungary. After my highschool graduation, I was accepted to the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest straight away. I studied stage directing with musical theatre specialization for five years. In 2019, ours was the last finishing class before Covid and before the political occupation and demolition of our University SZFE. From 2020, I am a resident director and member of the artistic direction team of Katona József Theatre, Budapest. I have started by directing mostly classical plays in new interpretations, but since 2020 I have been working only on own adaptations or brand new projects. I am also the writer or co-writer of my new productions. Music in theatre and musical theatre are the most significant fields of my works.

Why do you do theatre?
Every project is an opportunity to create a new community and push our creative and personal boundaries together.
Who would you like to have dinner with?
Fran Lebowitz or RuPaul
What profession would you have in a parallel universe?