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Antigone Akgün © privat
© privat
Antigone Akgün works - after an acting education in Greece and studies in theater, dramaturgy and classical philology - as a director, writer and performer. Her focus is on deconstructing the European canon and making marginalized perspectives visible. Her directorial debut »Der Brotladen« at Theater Bremen was invited to the Brecht Festival 2023 in Augsburg.

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Unser Deutschlandmärchen – nach dem Roman von Dinçer Güçyeter

Where do you feel at home?
The moment the ICE train pulls into Frankfurt am Main and the skyline becomes visible in all its glory.
What is your favorite place in Aachen?
Sinking into a deep armchair in the Baristinho while drinking hot chocolate. And when it's sunny, the courtyard in the old town.
Who would you like to have dinner with sometime?
With bell hooks and James Baldwin. And with Bertolt Brecht there would be another Wegbier.