Andrea Simeon

Andrea Simeon © Maria Otto
© Maria Otto

Andrea Simeon, born in Switzerland, studied stage and film design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. After graduating, she worked as a stage and costume assistant at the Teatro Real Madrid and at the Volksbühne Berlin with Anna Viebrock, among others. She has been working as a freelance stage and costume designer since 2012. Her engagements have taken her to the Freiburg Theatre, Werk X Petersplatz (Vienna), Residenztheater Munich, Schauspielhaus Graz and the Stuttgart State Opera, among others. Most recently, she designed the stage and costume design for »Extra Zero« directed by Blanka Rádóczy (2023, Staatstheater Augsburg).

Participates in

La Bohème – Oper in vier Akten von Giacomo Puccini

Why do you do theatre?
Because it moves me, educates me, enriches me and is fun. And I hope that we can also trigger this in the audience.

Who would you like to have dinner with?
I would love to have dinner with all my friends and family. A huge big dinner with dancing and music.

In a parallel universe, what profession would you have taken up?
Gardener without orders.