Amir Gudarzi

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The author Amir Gudarzi graduated from the only theater school in Iran at the time and completed studies in scenic writing in Tehran. He has lived in Vienna since 2009, now as an Austrian citizen. In 2017, Gudarzi won the exile playwright award for his play »Zwischen uns und denen liegt ...« .2018 his performance »The Knowledge Tree« was shown in Jerusalem. »Die Burg der Assassinen« was invited to the Stückemarkt of the Berlin Theatertreffen in 2019. In 2020, his play »Who cut the cake« was shown at the Royal Court Theatre in London. For »Wonderwomb«, Amir Gudarzi was awarded the 2022 Kleist Prize. The play received a »special mention« by the jury of the Autor:innentheatertage 2022 at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. For his play »Quälbarer Leib - ein Körpergesang« Gudarzi was awarded the Christian-Dietrich-Grabbe-Preis 2022. In the 23.24 season, Gudarzi is an in-house playwright at the National Theater Mannheim. In August 2023, Amir Gudarzi's debut novel »Das Ende ist nah« was published by dtv.

Why do you make theater?
I can't do anything else.
Who would you like to have dinner with?
With Pier Paolo Pasolini.
What job would you have in a parallel universe?
I would like to be unemployed.