Alina Fluck

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Alina Fluck © Marie Haefner
© Marie Haefner

Alina Fluck was born in Hamburg in 1993 and grew up on the North Sea coast. She studied media and cultural studies in Düsseldorf and theatre directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. Important works to date include »Die Zukünftige« by Svenja Viola Bungarten at the Magdeburg Theatre, »Eine Zierde für den Verein« after Marieluise Fleißer (invited to the Plug&Play Festival at the Mainz State Theatre) and »Der Rest wird leicht sein« after the Copenhagen trilogy by Tove Ditlevsen, both at the bat-Studiotheater Berlin. Her works focus on the humorous confrontation with the unbearable present. She believes in the power of acting, always thinks of the ensemble as a central element of her productions and is guided by the longing for a sensual, shared experience between spectators and performers.

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